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1.  Will my Simbla site be supported on my cell phone?

Of course! Simbla is based on bootstrap3 cutting-edge technology, which allows your amazing site to also be responsive and amazing on ALL of your mobile devices, without any hard work.


2.  Can I connect my Simbla site to my own domain?

Certainly, all you need to do is to upgrade your plan to one of our advanced plans and you can simply add you own domain by following the next guide:

Connecting a domain to your website


3.  Will I be able to create a sitemap?

Yes, and easily! All you need is to follow this simple guide and in 3 clicks you will generate your own sitemap!


4.  I'm interested to read more about the database options, where can I find the documentation? 


        Click here for all of our database documentations.


5.  Can I export my website?

At this moment we do not support the download of your website, but don’t worry; all your data is good and safe on our servers, and you can enter your account from all platforms around the world.


6.  Can I reassign my plan to another website after purchasing a plan?  

         You can reassign your plan from your old website to your new one; click here to read how to do so.


7. How many websites can you build with each plan? 

Each plan allows you to build one website with one database (with Starter plan and above). You must sign up for a new plan for every additional website you make.


8. What are the "records" and "requests" that come with each paying plan?

Database records and request both measure database usage in different ways. Records are the rows in a database table, while requests are when your website “requests” information from the database. For example, if you have 500 viewers on your website per day, that’s considered 500 requests a day.   

9.  I’m taking a break from my website and want to delete my account. What is the procedure?

We are sorry to hear! You are welcome to contact us by sending an email to:

All messages will be answered personally.













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