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What is Bootstrap?

 A directory of web design templates that allows beginners a quick and easy start to developing sites that look good. The Bootstrap technique is a modular method with which you can select different parts of a general template you'd like to use.

 How does it work?

 In the Bootstrap technique, we place the elements on the screen and determine their relative size compared to other elements on the screen. The screen is actually divided into 12 virtual columns. When we design our site and its various pages, we need to define the element size (length and width). An element's width is defined by the number of columns allocated for it (e.g. an element that uses 4 columns out of 12 will use a third of the whole screen). An element's height is determined by the content that we want to display. This technology allows the site to be responsive, as elements (such as images or text) are resized proportionally to the screen, and do not maintain a fixed size.

 Why is it good for my website?

 Using the Bootstrap technology, you can build beautifully designed websites for your business. One of the features of the Bootstrap 3 technology is the site's responsivity. Using this technology you can design a website once, and then adjust the way it will be displayed on each and every device your visitors will use (computer, tablet or mobile device).


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